12 December 2010

Await Your Reply; Dan Chaon

Await Your ReplyAwait Your Reply by Dan Chaon
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As with Kate Atkinson's mysteries, there are several stories going on here that eventually intertwine; unfortunately by halfway through the book I got the sense of how they would do so and the surprise (or shock?) of the reveal was lost. Because this is told through three sets of eyes (Rudy, Miles and Lucy), the other characters are understandably little flat. However, I never got the sense that we really got a good grasp of these three either.

All three are 'lost souls' in many ways: Miles thanks to his mentally ill(?) brother Hayden's disappearance, Lucy due to her parents' death, and Rudy because of his "parents" lies. Their roads toward a normal life take an incredibly wrong turn, yet one senses that they find this better than What Was... until the end, at least, for Rudy and Lucy. The end of Miles' story is not quite clear, which is a little unsatisfying.

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  1. I recently re-read it, having liked it the first time, and was even more impressed the second. (It's Ryan, not Rudy, btw). Spoilers! I'd figured out the first time I read that Hayden and George Orson were the same person, but couldn't quite figure out how Ryan's father Jay fit in, since Hayden couldn't be his dad. That part was a surprise at the end. I didn't find it a problem that none of Miles, Lucy's or Ryan's endings were spelled out. I think this is one of those "author lets you choose, which says more about you than whatever the author would decide for you" like Margaret Atwood does. My guess is that Ryan and Lucy will succeed based on the skills they've learned, but that Miles won't be able to accept the ending that Hayden left for him.