13 December 2010

We the Children; Andrew Clements

We the Children (Keepers of the School, #1)We the Children by Andrew Clements
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This start to the "Keepers of the School" series ends a little abruptly, but not in the cliff-hanger style that is required. Benjamin is a student at the Oakes School, due to be torn down to make way for an amusement park at the end of the year. One day, late for class, he comes across the old, creepy, injured janitor and helps him - this help turns into a passing of the mantle of Keeping the School (there's a coin and an obscure rhyme involved). Benjamin enlists the help of Jill, and starts to solve the rhyme's meaning.

Where I got lost was not in the information about yachting and racing, but in the fact that the end ends a little with a whimper, not the "stay tuned" bang that series books of this nature need to keep readers looking for the next installment. However, this is Andrews Clements and he has quite the following already, so perhaps the ending isn't the drawback I think it is.

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