22 January 2011

Exposure; Kimberly Marcus

ExposedExposed by Kimberly Marcus
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a wonderfully provocative book. Exposed is the story of Liz, aka Photogirl, who lives to take photographs and dreams of going to RSID or Parsons or some other art school. She has a boyfriend, and a "forever-best" friend, Kate. She also has a relatively happy home life, with older brother Mike off at college, and dad working as a ferry captain between Cape Cod and the Vineyard.

One weekend a month, Kate and Liz have a slumber party - everyone knows about it, everyone respects it, including their boyfriends. This time, however, they get into an argument: Liz doesn't like Kate's boyfriend (he's a bit "whipped") and really doesn't like that Kate isn't planning to continue her dancing in college. Liz goes upstairs to sleep...

The next day, everything has changed. Kate is distant, avoiding Liz both on the phone and in school. Then Liz hears the news, Kate says Mike, Liz' brother, raped her after Liz went upstairs. Mike says it was "just sex". Because we only get Liz' story, where the truth lies is never quite clear, even to Liz.

I can easily see this leading to discussions about rape, date rape, "just sex" and other varieties of experience. Readers who love books in verse will enjoy that aspect, and those that don't won't find it getting the way of the story.

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