23 January 2011

Georgia Bottoms; Mark Childress

Georgia Bottoms: A NovelGeorgia Bottoms: A Novel by Mark Childress
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Georgia is a Southern belle with a twist: she's beautiful, she's smart, and she's got a different lover six nights of the week. Her life is starting to unravel, though, as she's getting older and the world changes.

We open in 2001, early September, when Mr. Saturday Night, also known as the Rev. Hendrix, has a sudden attack of honesty and confesses to his wife that he's been unfaithful. He then decides to confess to his congregation, but Georgia's too quick for him. Two days later is September 11, and the pace of change and disruption grows faster.

Between Brother's antics (legal, illegal and just skirting the edge) and Little Mother's dementia, there's also some trouble with various paramours, Nathan (Georgia's illegitimate son), Krystal's reelection and finally Rev. Brent Colgate. At the end of the book, Georgia's life has changed radically, one hopes for the better.

I'm usually not a fan of Southern fiction, but this gave me a few "hehs" (not quite a laugh, not quite a grin). If you are a fan of Southern fiction, you'll enjoy it.

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