18 January 2011

The Lost Saint; Bree Despain

The Lost Saint (The Dark Divine,  #2)The Lost Saint by Bree Despain
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

One of the best ways to judge a series is if you can easily slip into a later book, not having read the first. This series is not one of those series, unfortunately.

The Lost Saint is a little heavy-handed with names (Grace Divine? Daniel? Gabriel? Jude? Any of those names ring bells? If not, check out your nearest Bible) and with mythology. Apparently werewolves can be just that or they can be Urbat (aka "Hounds of Heaven" - see the Biblical overtones?). There are alphas and betas and true alphas and challenges, not to mention Galel and Akhs and other creatures. Confused yet? While things do get explained in the book, it does take a while, particularly with the double crossings and conflicts going on.

As for plot, it's clear that once again we have a series that is being stretched thin, with padding and filler rather than tight editing. Egmont is usually a better publisher than this, so I can only imagine that they're trying to keep up with the bigger houses. In short, Grace is trying to find her "lost saint" brother Jude, who is now a werewolf (and who has infected her, just after she cures Daniel from the same curse) and trying to keep her family together - Mom's falling apart with Jude gone, and Dad's away often trying to find him. Daniel is trying to train Grace to channel her "talents" or "abilities" (guess someone's watching "Smallville" for dialog ideas), yet also telling her to hold back. There's Talbot, a mysterious werewolf fighter (or is he?) and Gabriel (ditto), and much mayhem and slaying (the dusting part is pure Buffy).

If this is the type of series you like, there's no reason not to read it, but it is derivative and (as I said earlier) padded.

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