10 January 2011

Stay; Deb Caletti

StayStay by Deb Caletti
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

There were so many times when reading this that I thought about the ease of falling into, and out of, love and relationships, and often that can become warped. Christian's obsession with Clara, his unwillingness to let her go and his jealousy of her other relationships all felt real, albeit distant because we see it all through Clara's eyes. Clara, unfortunately, doesn't feel as real.

She seems to be removed from what's going on, except for the times she's falling into love with Christian or Finn. When Christian's continued questioning about her activities passes from mere questioning to obsessive, she says she's upset and scared, but I didn't feel that she was. When Christian gets her new cell phone number, or shows up at the summer hide-out, I didn't sense her terror the way I did her desire to kiss him at the start of their relationship. Of course, this is all told several years later (the reference to the birthday cards is so casual, and accepting, which bothered me).

As this isn't a final copy, I can only hope that the finished product includes information for teens who are in that type of obsessive relationship.

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