06 February 2011

The Death Catchers; Jennifer Ann Kogler

The Death CatchersThe Death Catchers by Jennifer Anne Kogler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Please please please let this not be the start of a series - it's so enjoyable just the way it is! Whoda thunk that using all those terms one learns in English class (trope, allegory, metaphor, aphorism, etc.) could be strung together to make for an interesting Arthurian story? Sometimes it's a slightly strained use of the term, and sometimes the chapter veers a little further from the description than it should, but more often the device succeeds than fails.

In short, on her 14th Hallowe'en, Lizzie discovers that she's a "Hand of Fate" with the ability to see - and possibly prevent - the deaths of those she cares about. Luckily for Lizzie, her grandmother is also a Hand and has much advice to pass along. Then there's also the question of Agatha, Morgan and Vivienne, three of the Seven Sisters of Avalon... and the Last Descendant of Arthur. Not to mention her BFF Jodi and her crush (ok, everyone's crush) Drake. The story unfolds as a letter written to Mrs. Tweedy, Lizzie's English teacher, explaining why Lizzie should be allowed to pass English. The terms are all part of Lizzie's defense, illustrating her adventures as she starts her career as a Hand (redubbed Death Catcher) and tries to save Drake from his Fate.

Confusing? It all makes sense by the end (and if the epilogue isn't intended to send up the ones at the end of Harry Potter and Mockingjay, I'll be surprised). Oh, and then there's Mom, a librarian after my own heart.

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  1. This sounds interesting from the format to the subject.

  2. hey I actually got the book signed by Jennifer Kogler when she visited our school and so far the book is very nice