03 February 2011

Lost in Shangri-La; Mitchell Zuckoff

Lost in Shangri-la: The Epic True Story of a Plane Crash into the Stone AgeLost in Shangri-la: The Epic True Story of a Plane Crash into the Stone Age by Mitchell Zuckoff
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What an amazing story - a plane filled with "sightseeing" servicemen and WACs crashes in what they think is a hidden valley (except it's actually one valley over), and only three people survive. One has a severe head injury and burned buttocks, one has burned feet, hands, face and legs, and the other is seemingly unharmed. They escape the crash site, hidden in the jungle, and make it to a clearing where they meet Stone Age tribesmen who don't kill them, and after a few days are found by a search plane.

Problem is, resume isn't that simple. The valley is one mile up, so helicopters won't work. It's jungle-filled, and landing a plane won't work. The survivors are injured, and the only way to hike out is 150-ish miles either through swampy jungle or through Japanese-soldier infested jungle. Again, won't work.

Based on the diaries of the survivors and memories of some of the older natives who met the strange, white people who fell from the sky, Lost in Shangri-La is an adventure story that will appeal to those that love Jon Krakauer's work. And when Bobby Brinson at HarperCollins recommends a book, read it.

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