28 March 2011

13 Curses; Michelle Harrison

13 Curses13 Curses by Michelle Harrison
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An sequel, but not quite, to 13 Treasures, which I enjoyed. The same characters appear, but this is more Red's story than Tanya's. Since I sense that there's another book coming, can I just ask for one from Fabian's point-of-view?

Red's time in the land of the fay is, of course, passing faster than time in the non-fay world. After being trapped by the Hedgewitch, she learns more about her brother's capture and meets Stitch, a human who decides to help her with her quest to plead for James at the Seelie court. Timing being everything, they arrive at the court on Samhain, when the Seelie gives over to the Unseelie. The two courts send Red on a Quest to retrieve the 13 charms on the charm bracelet; the task is relatively easy, but the charms aren't exactly "charmed" any longer.

As with many sequels, there's padding here. A lot. The whole back story to how James was taken could have been cut and wouldn't have been missed. The descriptive passages about the fox glamor, or the time in the Hedgewitch's dungeon could have been tightened, and while Nell was an interesting addition, she could have had less page time (and her parrot? lose him).

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