22 March 2011

Beauty Queens; Libba Bray

Beauty QueensBeauty Queens by Libba Bray
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I loved the premise of this book, but the heavy-handedness of the satire got to me by the middle of chapter three.

The Miss Teen Dream pageant contestants' plane crashes and the survivors are forced to survive (or not) on an island they think is remote - yet findable. What they don't realize is that The Corporation has decided that they're expendable, and aren't really looking to save anyone. Their determination to not reenact Lord of the Flies leads to a whole lot of empowerment, and while the individuals never quite leave their stereotypical roles (the Black Contestant, the Lesbian Contestant, etc.) they do grow. Of course there's a whole mystery of who is (or is not) on the island, a visit by pirates, and practicing for the pageant to be done.

The various Corporation products, tv shows and pageant interviews are chuckle-worthy, and there's often even bigger chuckles in the banter between contestants. Still, if it had been dialed back just a little I would have enjoyed it more. YMMV.

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