28 March 2011

Dark Parties; Sara Grant

Dark PartiesDark Parties by Sara Grant
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Society living under/in a bubble? Check. Supplies limited? Check. Jobs determined by the government? Check. Something caused the government to create a protected zone? Check. Citizens kept in the dark about the truth? Check.

Unfortunately, Dark Parties reads like a dystopian novel that chose plot elements from a Chinese menu. The life that Neva leads is much like the life Cassia led in Matched, in a space that feels like a cross between Ember and what's left of the US in Delirium. There's nothing there that's new, nothing that made me say "oh, interesting." I found it particularly disturbing that most of the male characters can't be trusted. However, if you love dystopias and strong female characters...

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