26 March 2011

The Magnoila League; Katie Crouch

The Magnolia LeagueThe Magnolia League by Katie Crouch
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Even though the book doesn't come out and say it, the ending left me with a definite "there's gonna be a sequel" feeling. Which is too bad, because as a one-off this would have been an interesting addition to the whole paranormal genre.

Alex's life is one of hippie freedom on the commune where she lives with her mother; after her mother's death however, things change. At first, it's good - there's Reggie - but then her grandmother sends her minion to bring Alex back to Savannah. Once there, Alex's confidence in her wardrobe, hair and general Alex-ness are shaken by the "girls" of the Magnolia League, founded by her grandmother many years earlier. At first she rebels, even going so far as to run back to the commune.

However, once there she discovers that all the things she thought were true about the farm, the "community" have changed, and heading back to Miss Lee and the other is her only option. She settles in, allowing them to bring her directly into the fold with hoodoo beauty treatments and love potions. It's only at the end that she decides to do what's right... we think.

The relationship between the Magnolias and the Buzzard clan is dribbled out, and only at the end do you get the sense that it's not quite what the Buzzard's want. Ditto Alex's decision to not run away but to stay and change things. My guess is that the ending is confused because there'll be a sequel, but better editing and no sequel would be far better.

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