19 March 2011

Ruby Red; Kerstin Gier

Ruby RedRuby Red by Kerstin Gier
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Time-travel, with echoes of Dan Brown... and some romance. "Ruby" is the latest time-traveller, the culmination of the Twelve and the one who will open (or unlock) some secret sought by Count Saint-Germain and the Guardians. Charlotte has been raised since birth to be the Ruby, trained in foreign languages and dancing and old-fashioned pursuits. Problem is, it's her cousin Gwen who actually has the time-travel gene and is the Ruby in question.

So Gwenneth's travel is done without the extensive training and background knowledge she's supposed to have, nor does she have any real sense of what her role is in this centuries-old secret/mystery. Gideon, the Diamond (or Eleven), was raised in this tradition, and his pairing with Gwen has that flirting/bossing romantic motif to it. He's never met anyone like her, she's not interested in being the meek partner. She is more interested in telling her friend Lesley about all her adventures, as well as her conversations with the ghosts she sees all around her.

The Guardians have a place in the Temple, home to the Templers and other secret societies; Gwen's adventures in traveling (or elapsing) start there but end elsewhere. Why? Because the two previous travelers (Lucy and Paul) have disappeared into the past and are somehow trying to prevent the circle from being closed. You get the general picture.

This isn't paranormal in the sense we've been getting all too often recently, and my hope is that the trilogy is told from different points of view (yes, it's a trilogy). Also, my preferred Count Saint-Germain is Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's, which is wonderful historical fiction.

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