24 March 2011

The Tiger's Wife; Tea Obreht

The Tiger's WifeThe Tiger's Wife by Téa Obreht
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I'd held off reading this until I had a chunk of uninterrupted reading time and I'm so glad I did - what a wonderful book!

Set in the relative present, we follow Natalia as she is on a humanitarian mission to inoculate some orphans on the "other side" of a Balkan border. While on her way, she learns that her beloved grandfather has died, having left their home claiming he is heading to help her - but she knew nothing about this and he didn't die in a town she's ever heard of. For her grandmother, the worst part is that his belongings and body won't have the traditional 40 days in which to keep his soul tied down.

In between this story, we hear flashbacks to Natalia's early life and to formative stories from her grandfather's life. The first is the story of the tiger's wife, a deaf-mute child bride of a wife batterer from his childhood village. The second is of his meeting with the deathless man. Are these people real? Are they just stories a grandfather tells his daughter?

The writing makes these stories come alive in ways that reminds me of Davies and Barnes and Tartt's Secret History- I'm really looking forward to the next book.

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  1. This was a good book. Not a great book but a good one. What's a great book? A book that changes my life. A book that helped shape who I am now and hopefully will be in the future. A book that changes my mind. A book that changes my path. THIS book was a good read. It wasn't scattered or hard to read. It follows three stories. One in the present of the girls' Grandfather who died and two stories he told her in the past that helped shape who he was. One being The Tiger's Wife and one being The Deathless Man (he was my favorite). It did feel like it had definite closure. More about the closure of the soul than a tangible ending but an ending nonetheless.