16 April 2011

Falling for Hamlet; Michelle Ray

Falling for HamletFalling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reworkings (or reimaginings) of classics have always interested me, and Ophelia's version of Hamlet is a worthy member of the genre. Set in a modern day Denmark, the story alternates between an interview on an Oprah-esque show, Ophelia's memories and her interrogation by members of the DDI following the lacrosse game tragedy.

Hamlet's descent into madness is more like a descent into some form of bipolar disorder, with the Prince cycling through revenge, sorrow, clear-headedness and normal teen at a relatively rapid pace. Ophelia and Horatio try to keep up with him and to help, but it's unclear (as it is in the play) if he's even capable of being helped. The only part of the play obviously missing is the "alas, poor Yorrick" speech, although I'm not sure the "more things in heaven and earth" speech was there either.

This is being marketed to teens who may not have read or seen the play, but I don't think that will matter.

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