20 May 2011

Nemesis; Jo Nesbo

NemesisNemesis by Jo Nesbø

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This Norwegian mystery is appropriately dark; our hero, Henry Hole, is one of those classic loners who can't really keep a relationship going but always, somehow, manages to solve the murder(s). Think Stephen Booth crossed with Ian Rankin, set in Norway.

This "episode" contains several threads: the string of bank robberies, a one-night fling with an old girlfriend who ends up murdered, his current girlfriends custody battle in Russia, and an old gypsy fraternal feud. Rather than being confusing, Nesbo skillfully weaves the plot together in such a way as to not confuse readers (although at times I thought there was a little too much exposition, but YMMV).

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