05 June 2011

Faithful; Davitt Sigerson

FaithfulFaithful by Davitt Sigerson
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Sigh. I always feel that a DNF book is somehow a failure of mine - I should have been able to force myself to like this, I should have found the characters more sympathetic, etc.. Sadly, I got 50-ish pages in and just didn't care about Nick, Trish, their marriage, Trish's issues with faithfulness and love, their friends and former lovers or anything related to this book.\


  1. I love your frankness! I have a feeling I wouldn't care either. Sometimes I get so focused on writing reviews of terrific books...I forget it's also a service to review bad ones. Thanks! :)

    Cindy @Cindy's Book Club

  2. my word...you really are awfully*knowing* folk aren't you?!
    i loved that book..such a humane story of decent people getting caught up in tricky things ,and trying to do the right thing inspite of it...it was subtle...worldy...and i loved the elegance of the writers pen....not enough credit is given to these ultra slim novels,that are paired right down without becoming all reductive....davitt sigerson is a class writer with bags of soul.

    gregory gray