30 June 2011

The Last Martin; Jonathan Friesen

The Last MartinThe Last Martin by Jonathan Friesen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Martin Boyle has a problem. Actually, he has two. The first he can do something about: his overly protective mother, who insists he wear a portable airbag on the school bus, who sprays antibacterial lotion on everything, and who has the well-deserved nickname "The Barn Owl". His other problem is that there's a family tradition/curse, wherein there can only be one Martin Boyle - when a new one is born, the old one dies. His aunt is pregnant with yet another Martin Boyle, limiting the current Martin's lifespan.

Martin's father is a historical reenactor, living in the 1800s in a fort a few hours away from their home. The first Martin, the cursed one, helped save the fort when it was first built, and the current Martin is convinced that somehow he can, with his father's help. Along the way he makes friends with Julia and Poole, learns to fun hurdles, stops his overly protective mother from continuing to send him to Dr. Death, and becomes a normal teenage boy.

Middle grade boys will really enjoy this book, particularly as they move from being a boy to being a teen.

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