06 July 2011

Bronxwood; Coe Booth

BronxwoodBronxwood by Coe Booth
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ty's life is pretty complicated: his moms lost custody of Troy (his younger brother, now in the foster care system and with a family he doesn't like), his pops is in jail for the third time (but getting out soon), he lives with two drug dealers (even though he's not involved with that), and he's trying to get Adonna to go out with him... or is it really Jasmine he's interested in? Over the course of the summer of his 16th year, Ty will deal with all the above, not necessarily in the "happily ever after" sense (his decision making process isn't always the best).

Told in Ty's voice, this urban lit look at life in the Bronx (Bronxwood being one of the many projects in the borough) isn't as rough a read as some in that genre can be. There are times when you wonder why he is making the choices he's making, or what we're not hearing that led him to the point he's at, but overall it feels as though you're spying on his life.

ARC provided by publisher.

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