03 July 2011

Melody Burnins; Whitley Streiber

Melody BurningMelody Burning by Whitley Strieber
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Melody is a teen sensation, a singer and actor in the Miley Cyrus mold. Her mother appears to be the driving force, with public outbursts that often embarrass her daughter - except that these are calculated to gather publicity and get Melody more positive press. They've moved into the Beresford, one of LA's premier addresses, and Melody juggles her sitcom (Swingers), recording her new album and preparing for concert at the Greek Theatre.

At night, however, Melody is convinced that there's someone spying on her from within the walls of her building. She's right: the crawl spaces, chutes and shafts are home to Beresford (ne Robbie), who has hidden within the building since he saw Luther kill his father. Surviving by entering apartments and eating the residents' food, and taking clothes from the garbage, he is starting to realize he's a little too large for some of those spaces. He also falls in love with Melody.

The blending of the two stories, as well as the addition of Luther's plans for the building and the "squatter", ends with more excitement than I'd thought there'd be at the start of the book but the ratcheting up of the tension and action doesn't feel that forced.

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