17 August 2011

The Evolution of Ethan Poe; Robin Reardon

Evolution of Ethan Poe, TheEvolution of Ethan Poe, The by Robin Reardon
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I'll be honest, I wasn't impressed. The author is not particularly subtle about his agenda; here's what a reader gets out of this book: 1. Anyone believing in Christianity (eg, anyone who believes the Bible and lives a Christ-centered life) is a. ignorant b. afraid c. close-minded and d. likely to resort to violence instead of reason; 2. Ditto anyone believing in Intelligent Design; 3. Most believers are that way because they have a real problem (mental illness, being abused by their step-father) that could be solved without religion - that's their "duck blind"; 4. Liberals/libertarians are sensible people who believe in a vague idea of God, accept evolution without question and only use violence to defend themselves; 5. All the cool people believe in power animals and have guided, grounding experiences - or something to that effect. And they wear ear-cuffs.

IF he'd been subtler, talking reasonably about the ID/evolution debate and religion and homosexuality, I'd have liked it more. As it is, I'm not sure many of my gay students would read this (I don't see them relating to the issues raised by being in a small, conservative town) and I think people that could get something from this aren't going to find the book in their local library or bookstore.

Oh, and only those not from New England order sprinkles on their ice cream. The rest of us order jimmies.

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