31 August 2011

Hello Goodbye; Emily Chenoweth

Hello GoodbyeHello Goodbye by Emily Chenoweth
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Let me start by saying that despite what the blurbage said, this was not "luminous" (I strongly suspect that people don't quite understand what the word means).

Helen has a brain tumor, which her husband knows is inoperable and untreatable, and she has fewer than nine months to live. Eliott's response is to invite all their close friends to a 20th anniversary vacation at the Presidential Hotel in New Hampshire, at which he will tell everyone about Helen's condition. Even Abby, their daughter, doesn't know.

As the vacation unfolds, there are no huge revelations. The friends are merely the same as they've always been, Abby doesn't suddenly become the dutiful daughter, and Helen doesn't die at the end. This could be seen as a "slice of life" novel, with overtones of death. It was relatively well-written, although the characters fell a little flat for me.

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