06 August 2011

Just Your Average Princess; Kristina Springer

Just Your Average PrincessJust Your Average Princess by Kristina Springer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Set in Average IL, this story will appeal to middle grade girls looking for realistic fiction with a tinge of romance. Jamie's family owns a pumpkin patch - not just a patch, but a Patch. During the fall they turn their farm into a destination, with a haunted house, face painting, pumpkin and squash picking, crafts and other fun stuff. She's grown up with the goal of being Miss Pumpkin Patch, and this is going to be her year.

Then her glamorous cousin Milan arrives, and Jamie's plans go awry. Milan, with her $2,000 shoes and $90 t-shirts, doesn't want to be there, and doesn't like Jamie. The tensions between the two cousins rise throughout the books but, of course, by the end all is well and the two become friends (of a sort).

ARC provided by publisher.

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