26 September 2011

L.A. Mental; Neil McMahon

L.A. Mental: A ThrillerL.A. Mental: A Thriller by Neil McMahon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was trying to do too much: the noir overtones got in the way of the thriller aspect, which were overshadowed by the whole Parallax (a mix of quantum mechanics and Scientology) plot. At times the writing got clunky, with the desire to go noir colliding with the need to explain or move the plot forward.

Having said that, I was impressed that the author actually got the quantum mechanics part right! The idea that there are nanoparticles that you breathe in and go directly to your brain is a little off (they'll go everywhere in your system), and the idea of being able to control them from afar sounds interesting but far fetched.

Given the nature of noir-ish books, the characters were a little flat, but there again the author just misses, as he occasionally wants to give them some depth. I wish he'd made up his mind what type of book he was writing and stuck with that.

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