16 September 2011

The Rafters; A.C. Montgomery

The Rafters (Somnambulist Saga, #1)The Rafters by A.C. Montgomery
My rating: 1 of 5 stars
Oh where to begin? This was a DNF - and I tried, I really tried to get into this book.

Why DNF? This is a self-published book, and the author really needed an editor. It wasn't just her delight in throwing in as many adjectives and as much description as she possibly could (to the detriment of actual plot), it was also her misuse of words. I strongly suspect that she went to an SAT Verbal prep book or a thesaurus and chose words that just missed the meaning she actually wanted to convey, and that rules of basic grammar were never covered in her schooling.

Here's an example: He tied a black cord necklace around his neck, amongst others, and finally made his exit to The Courtyard.

As for plot, well, perhaps there is one buried somewhere but it's difficult to tease out. The main characters are either always angry (shouting, grimacing, smashing things, glowing with rage, etc.) or completely clueless. The use of the word "somns" was - I thought - to separate the common folk from others, but then it turned out that was a synonym for "people" (if that's not true, the distinction is only clear in the author's mind).

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