13 September 2011

Saint Louis Armstrong Beach; Brenda Woods

Saint Louis Armstrong BeachSaint Louis Armstrong Beach by Brenda Woods

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book about a boy named Saint Louis Armstrong Beach (Saint after his grandfather, Louis Armstrong after a friend of his grandfather) is mostly split into two time periods: before Katrina and during. There's a brief bit set after the storm, but that's more of an epilogue.

Before Katrina, Saint was trying to earn $2000 to buy a good clarinet by busking near Jackson Square. During, he tries to save his dog Shadow and ends up in an attic, from which he's rescued and sent to the Superdome (he then leaves and heads for the Jazz Shack, where his parents ultimately find him). The storm's power and horror don't play as big a role as his music and his pre-Katrina life, which may help readers understand why New Orleans was such a vital city and how devastating the storm really was.

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