30 October 2011

In Too Deep; Amanda Grace

In Too DeepIn Too Deep by Amanda Grace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is not a book like Good Girl or Speak, although it does have some of those elements.

We're a few weeks before graduation, and Carter - the golden boy, the one every girl wants - is throwing a party; Sam has decided that it's her last, best chance to make Carter notice her and changes from her usual jeans/t-shirt to a thong, stilettos and a micro-mini. It does get his notice, but not in the way she wants... and things only get worse when someone misinterprets what happened between them. Sam, humiliated by Carter's response to her overture, just wants to forget it happened, particularly since things finally seem to be going well with Nick, the boy-next-door.

>When school starts on Monday and people are staring at her, then asking how she is, she thinks it's all about what really happened, and then she learns it's because they think he raped her. Now, at this point Sam could have done the decent thing and said "no, he didn't" but she's at first too shocked and then too scared to say anything. When she finally does admit that he didn't, she's with a group of former friends who are all being supportive, and they convince her that Carter has been a real jerk for a long time and that a couple of weeks not being Big Man On Campus would be good for him. Of course, this completely backfires on everyone.

Sam's dilemma was written realistically, and I could relate to her distress and confusion about how to handle everything. I particularly liked that she learned the very hard way that doing the easy thing can have lasting consequences. The reason this wasn't a 5-star review was that there were moments, when there was something just a bit off with her relationship with her father. Unlike the other relationships she has, this one read a bit too stereotypical and mostly for effect.

ARC provided by publisher.

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