30 October 2011

Mercy Lily; Lisa Albert

Mercy LilyMercy Lily by Lisa Albert
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I really wanted to like this book, but it really felt as though the author was writing with a Message, rather than letting the whole Death with Dignity motif happen organically.

Lily is a relatively normal teen, albeit one with no friends. Why? Because when her father died and her mother's MS got worse, she pulled away from her friends and they her. So now Mom's getting worse and Lily has few people in whom she can confide. At the age of 16, she's been working (illegally) as a vet, following her mother's instructions on animal care - she's also giving her mother BVT (Bee Venom Therapy) for the MS but that seems to have stopped working.

How her mother wants to resolve things, and Lily's future, makes up the main plot, while Lily's feelings for the boy-next-door, Trent, are the subplot. The problem is that both plots, along with the renewal of her relationship with Shauna, are pretty obvious and there's no surprise anywhere. There was nothing new here, and that it's set in Oregon is purely to highlight the Death with Dignity issue.

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