30 October 2011

Speak No Evil: Marilyn Kaye

Speak No Evil (Gifted, #6)Speak No Evil by Marilyn Kaye
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's always a little worrisome when a publisher has a huge stack of paperbacks of a late-series book, particularly since it was published over a year ago: has the series not been selling? In the case of the Gifted series, that might be what's going on (I don't actually know but I do suspect).

This series tells the story of a very unusual Gifted class at Meadowbrook Middle School. Each book is in many ways a stand-alone, with only a few references to previous books. This is Carter Street's story, a selectively mute boy with no discernible Gift.

Carter's been moved to a Home, under the care of Dr. Paley. Despite all Madame's instructions that what happens in Gifted class stays in Gifted class, Dr. Paley seems to know quite a bit about the class members. He also is convinced that he can cure Carter's mutism and memory loss. The methods do work, and Carter uncovers his history and his Gift. Several of his classmates also want to work with Dr. Paley, who claims he can cure them of their Gifts (contrary to Madame's wishes and methodology - she's working to help them understand and control the Gifts).

What bothered me is that this wants to be a HS book, but it's set in Middle School and that could be the problem. The covers skew older, but the inside is more like Lubar's Hidden Talents.

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