03 November 2011

Double; Jenny Valentine

DoubleDouble by Jenny Valentine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Chap is nobody - no family, no real name, no home. One day, in exchange for two meals and a roof over his head, he goes to a shelter and there things radically change: he's the spitting image of Cassiel Roadnight, a boy missing for two years. Something compels Chap to agree that he is, in fact, Cass and so his adventure begins.

>Of course, he isn't and the differences in personality and size (although in two years, boys do grow!) raise a few suspicions (much like in the movies "Sommersby" and "Martin Guerre") but overall his family accepts him and is thrilled with his return. Interspersed with his new life as Cass is Chap's story of his previous life with Grandpa, a life that ended six years ago when Grandpa got into an accident and started Chap's life on the streets. Anything more would be spoilers, so I won't go into how this all plays out - suffice it to say that I did guess the twist but wasn't quite sure until the very end.

This was a Carnegie shortlist book and I can understand why: there's a good mystery, interesting plot and characters with no paranormal qualities, and nothing forced about the writing.

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  1. Although, as you point out, the idea has been done before, this book sounds interesting.