30 November 2011

Living with Ghosts; Prince Michael of Greece

Living With Ghosts: Eleven Extraordinary Tales (Living with Ghosts)Living With Ghosts: Eleven Extraordinary Tales by Prince Michael of Greece
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have no idea where I got this book (a signed edition, no less), but seemed like the perfect read on a day when I was feeling flu-ey. And in part I was right: the descriptions of the various haunted castles, manors and palaces, along with some of their history was definitely worth the read.

However, the ghost part was disappointing. We're expected to believe that Prince Michael communed with these ghosts, somehow able to memorize (he has no note taking equipment with him) the stories he's told. Sometimes, but not always, there's a follow-up, wherein we learn that yes, there was this murder or that secret room. At least two of the ghosts lay claim to some incredible, esoteric knowledge - but they don't share it because they want to keep us (or the Prince) safe.

Not the shivvery experience I'd hoped for, but perhaps a starting point to learn more about these houses and their history.

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