07 November 2011

There is No Dog; Meg Rosoff

There Is No DogThere Is No Dog by Meg Rosoff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thought this book was funny, but then I've got a definite irreverent streak. Others, on the other hand, might find the concept of a God who is really a petulant, sex-crazed boy just a bit wrong.

The life of God (first name, Bob) is pretty easy: sleep until noon, play Nintendo with Eck (his penguin-like furry, purring, long-nosed pet), have a wank and then back to sleep. All the real work of answering prayers, monitoring things and looking after earth falls to Mr. B, who came in second in the "who gets to create this planet" job search. One day a young woman, Lucy, asks God for love and, well, Bob fall in love with her.

The path of love is pretty stormy, and global weather goes a bit nuts - temperature swings of 30-50 degrees in one day, flooding that freezes, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc. - because Bob's miserable without his One True Love. Mr. B is appalled by this and decides that 10,000 (or so) years is enough, he's resigning. And then there's Mona, Bob's mother, who gambles away Eck, even though Eck is Bob's pet. What's a God to do?

The humor is evident (did anyone think that platypus' were anything other than a joke?) but as I said, this is going to offend those that are not able to laugh about their faith.

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  1. Being rather irreverent myself, this book sounds awesome! *G*