29 December 2011

Folly; Laurie R. King

FollyFolly by Laurie R. King
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Another psychological thriller that's less of either - the scary bits don't come until the very end, and by then it's pretty obvious what's going on. 

Rae has her Watchers, voices and noises that drove her to attempt suicide following the accident that killed her husband and daughter and the attack/near-rape a few months later.  After spending time in a mental hospital, she finally has the health and direction to attempt to rebuilt the house her great-uncle built on a remote island in the San Juan Strait.  There are still Watchers, but slowly she finds the work healing on an emotional level - there's also her growing relationships with Nikki, Ed and Jerry.

She's also haunted by the problem of her son-in-law, a shady businessman determined to fleece her out of her money (or prevent her from seeing her granddaughter), and the guilt of not being a better mother to her elder daughter.  All of this could have added up to many more flashes of mental terror and questioning, but instead we get long - and I do mean long - passages about the building/rebuilding of the house and her life on Folly.  The same applies to her finding the bones of her Great-Uncle Desmond (who supposedly disappeared in New Mexico, not on the island).

While this is well-written, the creepy terror 'noises-that-go-bump'/'am-I-going-mad?' factor just isn't there.

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