26 December 2011

The Merry Recluse; Caroline Knapp

The Merry Recluse: A Life in EssaysThe Merry Recluse: A Life in Essays by Caroline Knapp
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was one of those "how did I end up with this book?" reads - I suspect a colleague weeding her collection, possibly grabbed because of the title. However it happened, this is a wonderful selection of essays that will remain in my mind and on my shelves.

Knapp is incredibly honest about her life as an anorexic and alcoholic (both of which are also covered in her two previous books), funny about her problems as a nester and compulsive shopper, open about her reaction to September 11, men named "Dave", girl crushes and other life-related items. I giggled through her "Letter to Corporate America" and the "All-Girl Marine Corps" and hoped I can deal with my parents' eventual deaths and dismembering their house better than she did.

There were essays I want to share with others so I'm definitely going to look for them on-line, but the book stays with me.

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