27 December 2011

The Night Lawyer; Michelle Spring

The Night LawyerThe Night Lawyer by Michelle Spring

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is supposed to be a psychological thriller, but ultimately it wasn't so thrilling.  Eleanor is haunted by her past (her father's death and her mental breakdown and hospitalization) and is starting to pick up the pieces, including becoming a purple belt in karate and joining a tabloid as their night lawyer.  We see how she's filled with self-doubt, punctuated with moments of real confidence and happiness.

The thriller part comes from her having a stalker, someone who has apparently waited 20 years for justice.  There's also her relationship with one of her female colleagues, with whom she thinks she can be friends, and a few of her male ones, from whom she desires respect.  Finally, her next-door-neighboor has an abusive boyfriend and with the thin walls between their houses...  Getting to see glimpses of the others' lives is supposed to immerse us in Eleanor's world, ratcheting up the terror quotient.  That doesn't quite happen because those glimpses allow us to make really educated guesses about what's happening or going to happen.  There was one real surprise, but even that felt a little like a letdown.


  1. Do you have more recommendations? actually this book annoys me so much!

  2. Have you read "Before I Sleep"? That's a much better suspense novel!