25 December 2011

Ripley Under Ground; Patricia Highstreet

Ripley Under GroundRipley Under Ground by Patricia Highsmith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reading this, I had to wonder if the perpetrators of the forgeries outlined in Provenance had read this! Here, Ripley is living a life of relative ease as a married man in France; his wife knows he's a little on the shady side, but doesn't seem to mind (theirs is also what one can only term an open marriage). One source of income is from the forgery of Philip Derwatt paintings and the licensing of his name for art supplies and an art school.

Of course things start to go wrong, and Ripley is called upon to impersonate Derwatt... and then - oops! - kill people to cover his tracks. Once again, the murders fall into the "he had it coming/it wasn't really murder" category, and Ripley manages to skate through. Or does he? At the end of the book it's clear that his proximity to all these deaths is starting to raise eyebrows.

Now I need to read the next book at see what happens. Only I don't have that one. Sigh.

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