26 December 2011

Switched; Amanda Hocking

SwitchedSwitched by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I've heard so much about the self-published phemon Amanda Hocking that I was really curious to read this - and now that I have, well, "meh". The writing isn't bad, but a good critical editor is definitely missing (four books? really? there's material here for two at most).

>Wendy (named after the heroine of Peter Pan and all her descendants) has a temper, doesn't look anything like her family (she's dark, they're fair), can manipulate people with her mind and was nearly killed by Kim, her mother, when she was six. Since then she's been taken care of by her aunt Maggie and her brother Matt, while Mom/Kim languishes in the looney bin. Flash forward to high school and she's semi-stalked by this cute guy, Finn. Turns out she's Trylle (fancy name for a branch of the troll family) and a changeling, while he's a tracker sent to bring her back to the Trylle compound to take her rightful place as Princess.

As with the Inheritance series by Paolini, you can really see Hocking's influences here and there's little to surprise the reader. The other problem is that this is written (I'm guessing) for high school students but in a style that 7/8 graders will appreciate - and neither group is going to really care about that.

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