19 December 2011

The Tsarina's Daughter; Carolly Erickson

The Tsarina's DaughterThe Tsarina's Daughter by Carolly Erickson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

One of the problems of historical fiction is how well the history is portrayed. While the first part of the book isn't that far off (although some of the relationships between the various European rulers is mangled and unclear), the tsarina's escape to (eventually) the United States lost me. Usually it's Tsarina Anastasia who is rumored to have survived, so that this is based on her older sister Tatiania is a little different. Not different enough, though, to overcome the writing or the plotting.

Obviously Tatiana's history prior to 1918 has to adhere to what we know, but there are weird time jumps and several suppositions (that she would help her maid's sister and visit the poor at night) that just don't quite ring true. Also, because these are Russian-born, native Russian speakers, it doesn't work when words are translated by the speaker (eg, what "Rasputin" means).

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