10 December 2011

World's End and other stories; Paul Theroux

World's End and Other StoriesWorld's End and Other Stories by Paul Theroux
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This collection of short stories is supposed to be tied together by a diversity of places, but it's more the inherent sadness of the characters that is the thread that carries through. Each, of course, sad in their own way; some aren't sad in the truly unhappy sense but in the "reader looking at their life" sense.

As an introduction to Theroux this might discourage readers, but each story, on its own, is so well crafted (except perhaps "The Greenest Isle") that if readers take their time - perhaps spacing the stories out - they'll appreciate his writing more. (Note: "Zombies" is not a nod to the latest paranormal craze!)

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