02 January 2012

Leeway Cottage; Beth Gutcheon

Leeway CottageLeeway Cottage by Beth Gutcheon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Mix an American family with the Holocaust and you have this book: the story of the life and marriage of Annabelle Sydney Brant and Laurus Moss is also the history of America in the 20th century, including all the social changes we've seen.  At times it was unclear what direction the author was taking Sydney in, or whether she even liked her central character, which is a little unusual in a book like this.  The tale of the Dutch Resistance was interesting but tended to divert attention from the rest of the story. Given that we're also tackling (albeit in a sideways fashion) civil rights/integration and class differences, there's a lot going on.  Less might have been more.

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