01 January 2012

Lemprière's Dictionary, Lawrence Norfolk

Lemprière's DictionaryLemprière's Dictionary by Lawrence Norfolk
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

There was a core of interesting stuff in this book, but that core was so covered with ornate sentences, rambling asides and lack of clarity that it was difficult to follow the narrative thread.

What I *think* this is about is that 200 (or so) years earlier, a group called the Cabbala decided to defraud the Anglo-India Company.  An agreement between the Lemprieres and the de Veres siphoned part of this money off, and then the De Veres reneged, starting a 200-year search/revenge plot.  I think.  When it took a good 30 pages before I even knew which time period we were in, you know it's going to be tough going.

So here I am, starting 2012 with a one-star DNF. 

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