31 January 2012

Pink Smog; Francesca Lia Block

Pink Smog (Weetzie Bat)Pink Smog by Francesca Lia Block

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Did you love meeting Weetzie Bat? Of course you did. So now you can see how Louise becomes Weetzie...

Louise/Weetzie's 7th grade year isn't starting off well: Dad's left, Mom's drunk, she has no friends, and her "what I did on my summer" essay has just been dubbed "over-written". As the year progresses, things don't get easier but she does grow in confidence and friendship. Is Winter read? What is Annabelle's problem - and is she really practicing voodoo? Will she ever come up with a good retort when Staci is... well... Staci? And most important, will she ever see Charlie again? By the time she's ready to start 8th grade, she's a confident Weetzie with a pretty good grasp of life.

ARC provided by publisher.

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