07 February 2012

Far From Here; Nicole Baart

Far From HereFar From Here by Nicole Baart
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
This book looks at marriage: how we make mistakes that can haunt us later, how people change, and how long people will wait before moving on.

Etsell and Danica met in their teens, married when Dani was 19 and seemingly the happiest couple around. There have been several ups and downs, like when Dani bought the building that would house her beauty salon and more recently when Ell decided to go to Alaska to fly a bush pilot route to help out a friend. It's on this trip that Ell goes missing, bringing Dani's world to sudden halt.

The problems the couple experience are not unexpected in a relationship that starts at such a young age; what surprised me was how quickly Dani moved on. Her grief, frustration, shock and numbness seemed to wear off relatively quickly (less than a year) which made me question how deep the relationship was. I also didn't understand why the author chose to alternate first person and third person chapters - it didn't add to the story.

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