16 February 2012

Hide Me Among the Graves; Tim Powers

Hide Me Among the Graves: A NovelHide Me Among the Graves: A Novel by Tim Powers
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This one took a while to get into and figure out what was going on and which version of the vampire/ghost mythology was being put forward.

Turns out that John Polidori, friend to Byron and a doctor, became a vampire when he committed "suicide" and he's infected his brother-in-law, Gabriele Rossetti; Rossetti's children, including Dante Gabriel and Christina, take on the role of fighting these risen ghosts. Garlic, metal, silver bullets, staying in an enclosed area and using birds to capture the soul/ghost of the recently departed are all part of this world. The Rossettis are joined by a vet and a former prostitute who seek to save their daughter from Polidori's clutches.

There's tons of Victorian London-era atmosphere, famous name dropping (Trewlany, Swinburne and the aforementioned Rossettis) and action - but it takes time to sort out how the "Hail Mary" business works and how this threat can be neutralized. At times the atmosphere and the extraneous stuff threatens to overpower the plot.

ARC provided by publisher.

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