10 February 2012

The Innocent; Taylor Stevens

The Innocent: A Vanessa Michael Munroe NovelThe Innocent: A Vanessa Michael Munroe Novel by Taylor Stevens
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The blurbage mentions Lisbeth Salander as similar to Vanessa (or Michael) Monroe, but don't let that influence your reading this book.

Monroe is one of those multilingual, multi-deadly-force types, a one-woman killing/vengeance/rescue team. She's recovering from her previous assignment and starting to break up with her current lover when an old friend asks for her help. Seems that Logan was raised in a religious cult and is trying to get Hannah, his daughter, out to safety. It's not necessary to go into any more details about the surveillance, plotting and violence that ensues.

What was interesting was the depiction of this cult, The Chosen. It's multinational in both membership and compounds (called Havens), with members moving from one Haven to another rather fluidly; the Havens themselves aren't a fixed place but move as needed. The questions of who joins a group like this and what it's like on the inside are always interesting, as well as exploring what happens to those who leave and those who stay. At one point the concept of the members being brainwashed is raised: why would you need punishments in a brainwashed society? All of which was, to me, worth the read and elevated a predictable plot.

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