04 February 2012

The Leopard; Jo Nesbo

The Leopard: A Harry Hole NovelThe Leopard: A Harry Hole Novel by Jo Nesbø
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second Nesbo mystery I've read and it's definite that more will be bought and read!

Harry Hole is living in Hong Kong, recovering from the Snowman killings and that Rakel and Oleg are gone to an "unnamed location". Then Kaja arrives, sent from Oslo to bring Harry back because there's another serial killer around and Harry's the only one that can find him. Of course Harry doesn't want to come back, but Kaja pulls out the big gun: Harry's father is dying.

The hunt for this new killer is interspersed with Harry's visiting Olav in the hospital and the interdepartmental jockeying between Crime Squad and Kripos. The murders seem to be centered around one night at a ski cabin, with the guests being killed one by one in rather gruesome ways (the Leopold apple is actually fictional, btw). There are several twists and betrayals, some of which I didn't see coming. Harry's reaction to all of this, and to meeting with the Snowman, shows what a broken - yet driven - person he is.

The biggest problem was at the end, where there's one of those "here's my history and why I'm so evil and how I'm so evil" soliloquys from the killer. Ugh. We'd gotten much of that in drips and drabs throughout the book and what we hadn't learned could have been left to our imagination. Why this was put in is - pardon the pun - a mystery.

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