03 February 2012

Zombie; J. R. Angelella

ZombieZombie by J.R. Angelella
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book isn't about zombies in the sense that one might assume: the characters are a bit like zombies, and Jeremy is a huge fan of the zombie movie genre, but there are no reborn, flesh-eating monsters here.

Jeremy's father is a Vietman-era Marine-turned-real estate agent, who disappears every night and doesn't really pay attention to his son. Mom is a pill-popping Catholic who has moved in with another man. Older brother Jackson is a sexoholic who prefers nudity and not working. And Jeremy is starting his freshman year at a Christian Brothers school, Byron Hall, a school filled with bullies and semi-sanctioned violence against new kids. He hopes his adherence to the Zombie Survival Code will get him through, but of course that doesn't work. Things spiral out of control regarding his father and those nighttime jaunts, and Jeremy does his best correct what appear to be great wrongs.

All of that might have led to a great book, but the language seemed to be a little too rough - I know that more conservative schools won't put this on their shelves. It was a little difficult for me to read, which should say something.

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