09 March 2012

It's Our Prom (deal with it); Julie Anne Peters

It's Our Prom (So Deal with It)It's Our Prom by Julie Anne Peters
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Azure and Luke are gay (Luke may be bi) and BFFs with Radhika, who is straight but who has become the object of both their affection. Azure lives with her divorced Mom, Luke with his older brother Owen, and Radhika with her Indian parents - all three are in their senior year of high school, with prom looming. Azure has the idea that prom should be inclusive, not just for the jocks and popular kids but for the LGBTQ contingent and the gamers, theatre group, artsy kids, less-well-off students, etc.. She convinces Luke (and strongarms Radhika) into joining the prom committee. Also on the committee are Connor, a really hot guy, and Shauna, one of the popular girls who attended last year's prom and has Big Ideas for her senior one, including themes and decorations and favors, etc. Of course this conflicts with Azure's idea of what the prom should be, leading to arguments and finally grudging respect and possible friendship.

Adding to all the prama is Radhika's sudden change from sunny, driven, heading-for-Yale to teary, not-answering-her-cell with no explanation. This is one of the least fleshed out parts of the book, as her reasons for her change seem to be greater than those she actually admits to. Luke's issues with his brother - whom he assumes is a gay-hating lout - are also unresolved in a way. Throughout the book we see glimpses of a decent man (Owen is 10 years older than Luke) but Luke seems not to see it, or want to see it.

This is told in alternating Azure and Luke chapters, but the voices in each sound very similar and it's only when you see who they're interacting with that you know for certain who's narrating. The idea of a prom that is accessible to all students is certainly one that needs more exploring but the plot gets distracted by Luke's play (a subplot that could have been cut completely).

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