24 March 2012

The Last Princess; Galaxy Craze

The Last PrincessThe Last Princess by Galaxy Craze
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The year is 2090: the world has survived the Seventeen Days, days of incredible catastrophic turmoil with tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. all leading to a very different world than the one before. Electronics don't work, lying in piles that have become monuments to the "age of waste." We're in England, where the Queen was poisoned while pregnant with Prince Jamie; the King has remained in London while Jamie and Princesses Mary and Eliza spent the summer at Balmoral. The day they return home is the day of the Roses Ball, the only remaining Royal event.

Of course, there's a rebellion growing, the so-called Tudor Army, led by a man who claims the throne based on descent from a bastard son of Mary Beaufort. He's also the inventor of seeds that helped feed millions... until the Seventeen Days, when they no longer worked and his riches vanished. His army stages a coup during the Roses Ball, killing the King and capturing Mary and Jamie. Eliza escapes thanks to the help of a member of the Army and, after a week starving on the streets, joins as a Tudor Army recruit to try to avenge her parents' death from within.

Eliza is a kind, generous and rather inept person (can't fight, can't hunt, can barely ride - in other words, not one of those resourceful heroines), trusting when she should be a little more wary. Wesley, the guy who helped her escape, clearly has some agenda but she's a little too smitten to put the pieces together and a little too ready to believe in him. This will, obviously, cause problems.

The book fell apart for me at the end. First, it ends on a cliffhanger, which means there will be a sequel (at least one). Second, this England has been starved thanks to the looting of the Army and the weather (you think there's rain now? in 2090 it's magnitudes of worse), so where does the food for the party at the end come from? Third, by the end, Eliza should be just a bit more suspicious and wary than she is. That dropped this from a 4 to a 3, which is too bad because this had definite possibility.

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