01 April 2012

Evil Intent; Kate Charles

Evil IntentEvil Intent by Kate Charles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Talk about making your story relevant: this mystery covers the controversy in the Anglican Church over gay priests and women priests. On the "pro" side are Leo (Jamaican, closeted gay), Frances (one of the first women ordained and a good friend of Leo's) and Callie (recently ordained, mentored by Frances. One the "con" side are Father Jonah (Nigerian, with a flair for calling Leo "Son of a Slave"), Father Vincent (who might have a few secrets of his own) and Father Richard. When Father Jonah is strangled with Reverend Cherry's stole, with the exception of Father Richard, the lives of the rest will be changed.

I thought I'd guessed the murderer, but I was wrong - yay! Double yay: I didn't guess Father Jonah's secret. The interconnected stories blended in a great way, with only one character's relationship to the others feeling forced. I've read at least one other of Ms. Charles' Callie Anson series and the relationships here evolve naturally later in the series. Only one small problem - when I think of Callie, for some reason I see Dawn French. Could be worse, right?

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